We are currently using the BELIEVE series (by author Randy Frazee) as our sermon and Sunday school emphasis and small group study.  Similar to The Story, we hope that every person will read the two recommended books each week and participate in a small group.  BELIEVE is an innovative Bible-reading experience that will guide you and your family how to “live” the Bible. Take a journey through 10 key beliefs, practices and virtues of Christian faith, which will guide you how to think, act and be more like Jesus.  BELIEVE will also be the curriculum for Journey and for youth Sunday school.

Believe is the hard cover book that covers weekly scripture and Think, Act, Be Like Jesus is the soft cover work book that compliments each chapter of Believe.  The cost of both books is $15 and can be purchased in Fellowship Hall.  If a book table isn’t set up, check at the Visitor/Information Center in Fellowship Hall.

Everyone is encouraged to join a small group.  Each group is open to additional members.  If you don’t see a date or time that works for you, contact Adult Education elder, Karen Alyea at or Pastor Eric at

Current group information: 

  • Monday 3pm          David Layman      Church
  • Monday 7pm          Bob Moore   Marty and Beth Wood home
  • Monday 7:30pm     Larry Grabb              Church
  • Wednesday 7pm    Ed Adams   Church
  • Thursday 6pm        Michael Davis               Church
  • Thursday 7pm        Brian Wuerch            Church (child care is provided during this group)

Believe Sermon/Chapter Schedule:

Think Like Jesus

Act Like Jesus

  • 1/8 Worship page 175 (sermon)
  • 1/15 Prayer page 192 (sermon)
  • 1/22 Bible Study page 209 (sermon)
  • 1/29 Single Mindedness page 225 (sermon)
  • 2/5 Total Surrender page 240
  • 2/12 Biblical Community page 257 (sermon)
  • 2/19 Spiritual Gifts page 275 (sermon)
  • 2/26 Offering My Time page 289 (sermon)
  • 3/5 Giving My Resources page 304 (sermon)
  • 3/12 Sharing My Faith  page 320 (sermon)

Be Like Jesus

  • 3/19 Love  page 339 (sermon)
  • 3/26 Joy  page 353 (sermon)
  • 4/2 Peace page 369 (sermon)
  • 4/9 Self-Control page 385 (sermon)
  • 4/16 **Easter Sunday—Break
  • 4/23 Hope page 401 (sermon)
  • 4/30 Patience page 418
  • 5/7 Kindness/Goodness page 434
  • 5/14 Faithfulness page 451 (sermon)
  • 5/21 Gentleness  page 466 (sermon)
  • 5/28 Humility page 481 (sermon)