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First Presbyterian Church will spread God’s word, expand God’s family, and provide local and world mission to all people as we share the spirit of Jesus Christ. We hope you will visit our historic church built in 1893, in beautiful downtown Noblesville. 


Baked Potato Bar & Service Auction March 17th!

Please join us for our Scarlett Minton memorial baked potato bar and service auction on Sunday, March 17th right after worship.  Our 25 person mission team will be hosting the event and auctioning off their services to earn money for their mission trip to Pine Ridge South Dakota Indian reservation in July.  Join us for yummy food and a fun auction!  Thank you for your continued support!

Capital Campaign Update


Capital Campaign Update:  As of February 17th we’ve raised $159,155.76!  We’ve made great strides in the past 2 years. We’ve completed the kitchen, parking lot, landscaping and the north and west sides of the church are tuck pointed. The cost of tuck pointing the north and south sides of the church was $50,670.  We now have $34,735.40 in the reserve account to start saving for the additional repairs needed to the for the tower.   The estimated cost of tuck pointing the tower is $50,000 so we have $15,264.60 to raise.  We can do this with God’s grace and our faithful giving. Thank you!

Thank you for your faithfulness!   Click here to read more about our progress.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to see Paul Auble or Anne Kenley.

Tell Your Story – Let’s Blog It!

We want to tell your story — whatever it may be.  Be a part of our new blog and send a story to Anne Kenley at anne.kenley@fpc-noblesville.org. Need help?  No worries – we can help! No experience or expertise needed!