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Elders and Deacons

The Session is the governing body of a Presbyterian congregation.  The Session of First Presbyterian Church of Noblesville consists of eleven members of the church elected by the congregation.  The pastor is the moderator of the Session.  Session members are called “Elders” (English for the Greek “presbyteros,” from which we get the word “Presbyterian”).  Elders are ordained for life, but sit on the Session for three-year terms.

The Session is charged with giving leadership to the overall mission and governance of the church.  It is responsible for the life and direction of the church.  Our Session delegates much of its work to committees, each of which is chaired by a member of the Session and includes members from the congregation at large.  The Session meets monthly on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., and holds additional special meetings if needed.


Position Elder Email Phone
Finance Mark Wisely
Properties Nathan Roe
Christian Education
Evangelism Barbara Runyon
Personnel/Nominating Peggy Deakyne
Mission Jennie Auble
Clerk Karen McCord  317.747.4411
Planning Stephen Craig
Moderator Eric R. Gale 317.773.2383



The primary function of the deacons, who are elected by the congregation, is to attend to the needs of the sick, distressed and friendless.  They work with the minister to keep one another informed of situations needing attention.  Typical activities include coordinating meals in the event of a sudden illness, visiting shut-ins  and checking in with individuals through notes and phone calls.  Deacons specialize in all areas of hospitality and assist with ushers.

Deacon Email Phone
Fran Oakley
Debbie Wilson
Jake Light(Moderator)
Quinn Teague
Karen Perkins Gale
Clint Gingerich
Diane Widdifield
Judy Sauers
Pam Layman
Susan Clark
Sandy Nickloy
Catherine Lederman (youth)