A Great Banquet Testimony by Brad Hedrick

When I agreed to attend the Great Banquet in 2015, I came expecting very little impact on me.  I expected no change in me.  This was NOT because I felt my relationship with God was just right or that I was perfect.  On the contrary, I was fully aware of the heavy baggage I had been carrying for many years.   I had a constant feeling of failure; of not living up to the expectations my father had instilled in me.  I had a firm, unshakable belief that I had to be in control; that I needed to be in control.  And I had the belief that the only correct way was MY way.  All of this resulted in my constantly being frustrated.  I always felt I had failed to achieve my objectives and never admitted those objectives were unreasonable.

Nevertheless, I came to the banquet anticipating no change in me.  As you might anticipate, I was once again wrong.  As I listened to the presentations and engaged in the table discussions, I began to take an honest look at what I was doing to myself.  I began to realize that I was in control – that all of my pain and suffering was self-inflicted!

Sometime on Friday afternoon a wave of emotion swept over me.  I immediately knew that God did not want me to be in that condition and that I was not listening to Him.  He had the answer and I was refusing to pay attention.  In that moment I knew I had to give ALL control to God.  I needed to trust God; that’s all there is to it — trust God.

On Saturday, I had a conversation with God.  I forgave my father.  I forgave myself.  I forgave all of those individuals I had been blaming in the past for my short comings.  I told God I wanted Him to take control of my life because I trusted Him to do the very best for me.

Brothers and sisters, I immediately felt a peaceful release like I had never before experienced.  That peace of mind has not left me and I intend to continue listening to Him and not ME!

Brad and Carol Hedrick have both attended The Great Banquet


The focus of the Great Banquet is to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and to make Him known. The Great Banquet is an opportunity to be still, to listen, to share and to hear Christ’s plan for this world and for our lives. The Great Banquet is a 72-hour experience – for three days, guests live and study together in worship, prayer, and discussion.

The Banquet promises to nourish you both physically and spiritually. At the Great Banquet you will experience God’s Agape Love and Grace in profound, personal way. Want to attend the Great Banquet? You will need a sponsor to attend. A sponsor is someone who has attended the Great Banquet or similar 72 hour experience. Many of our congregation has attended the Great Banquet, Walk to Emmaus, Via de Cristo or Tres Dias and would love to talk to you about the experience and sponsor you to attend.

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