Always Choose Kindness by Theresa Wilson

Always Choose Kindness by Theresa Wilson

Which people have been the kindest to you in life?

I have been very fortunate to have many friends, members of my family and even strangers who have shown kindness to me over the years.  There are nice people but then some who truly show acts of kindness by doing things for others with a cheerful heart.

A kind person has the lifestyle quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.  They are tenderhearted, humble and forgiving.  They have a way of speaking warm words of comfort, encouragement and guidance.  They show selflessness by giving of themselves and the needs of others without hesitation.

A stranger who opens a door, lets me go ahead of them in line, reaches on a high shelf for me at the store or picks up something I dropped on the floor shows me kindness.  On occasion, kind people who respect and honor the military and those who served, have secretly paid for our meals when we dine out.

I have experienced such extraordinary kindness especially from my grandmother and sisters.  Family and friends who have prayed for me and our family and rallied in a time of need without our asking have also been the kindest people in my life.

I have witnessed many other acts of kindness. One time a very kind friend at church literally took the jacket off her back and gave it to another friend who admired it so much.  Then there was the time our son came home from school and told his Nanny there was a little girl who didn’t have boots to wear in the snow.  She sent money for the teacher to purchase the boots as her act of kindness.  Other times I see kind neighbors helping neighbors by mowing grass, shoveling snow, watering plants, taking in the trash can or collecting the mail.

We all need people who demonstrate what it is to be kind in our lives.  They live by the Golden Rule and do unto others as they would have others do unto them.  I know I want to be that “kind” of person.