Believe Buzz — Week 10 — Eternity

Here’s the buzz from the small groups week 10:

Our group discussed what it means to “trust in Jesus Christ”; that it is more than knowing He existed, but following His teachings and doing what He instructed us to do. That our “trusting” is a verb requiring action and that our reward for having that trust is eternal life with Him in the New Heaven. We talked about the freedom that comes from that knowledge. About how that motivates us to spread the gospel message to others. We also discussed what Heaven and Hell might be like.

We noted that almost everyone who believes in life after death believes they will go to heaven!  We liked “Pascal’s wager”.  Believers have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.  From childhood on we have experienced that warm and happy feeling inside when we share a kindness with another, when we do what God desires.  Who in their right mind thinks waking up with a hangover or being caught in the web of addictions, or living for self brings more blessings than seeking to live for Jesus?

I shared that as a retired pastor, I have been so blessed by being able to serve as a pastor for many years, spending my working life among so many fine people, having the privilege of being able to be with others during challenging times of life…  all this, and heaven too!