Believe Buzz — Week 2 — Personal God

Here’s the Believe buzz from the small groups week two:

We had a great Wednesday evening with lots of discussion. The “Believe” series will answer a lot of questions [with scripture] that many of us would never ask but have wondered deep down as to the answers. We will all grow in our walk of faith and belief because of the group setting established.
Randy as he did in “The Story” has such a wonderful way of providing the ground work for good discussions.

Our second week of the Believe series, our group did an exercise based on some ideas from Eric’s sermon.  We asked, “What makes a relationship personal?  One or two word answers, such as honesty, trust, love, commitment, and communication were added to the list.  We then asked the antithesis; “What makes for a distant or conflicting relationship?”  Words like, hate, fear, ego, resistance, stubbornness, miscommunication represent reasons why our personal relationships with God might be jeopardized.  We all agreed that one of the big reasons we stray from God is “control”.  We want to be in control rather than acknowledge that God has a plan.   Looking forward to Week 3!

As we work our way through each lesson we are drawn back to certain key elements from “The Story”, i.e. “the importance of faith”, “one either does or does not believe – there is no point in-between”, etc.  The artwork in the Believe series DVD is also appreciated by all, with the general feeling that it adds to the communication of each chapter’s content.

The Monday afternoon group found it interesting that in Genesis 16, childless Sarai said to husband Abram “The Lord has kept me from having children.  Go,sleep with my slave; perhaps I can build a family through her.”  Abram did as his wife told him.  But when Hagar became pregnant she became arrogant toward Sarai.  So Sarai then blamed Abram, “You are responsible for the wrong I am suffering.”  In other words, Abram got in trouble with Sarai for doing what his wife told him to do!
The men in the Monday afternoon group found a great truth in this teaching:  Sometimes, you’re better off NOT doing what your wife tells you!

We started off by welcoming a new member to our group and then discussed the ways we feel God’s presence in our lives. We also talked about how God works through us to carry out His plan and while we are not to live carelessly, we are to live with out cares by turning our worries over to him.

Enjoy this version of Psalm 23!