Believe Buzz — Week 23 — Peace

believe_bulletin-cover-week-23This chapter examines peace on three levels – peace with God, peace with others, and peace with yourself.  We determined early in our discussion that one must “Believe” in God in order to find peace through God.  Believing in God and Jesus, we then go to God in prayer (verbal and non-verbal) in our search for peace.  Finding peace is the giving-up of our anxieties and worries to God.  This is very difficult for humans to do, and we must constantly remind ourselves that prayer becomes action through “belief”.  If we believe, then we will pray with faith in God.  And, we must be at peace with God before we can actually achieve any level of peace with ourselves or with others. We agreed that it is possible to give thanks to God in every situation – bad times as well as good times.  We also confirmed our on-going belief that to” Believe” is to be an active participant in God’s world and plan.    Being “active Christians” can be tiring at times, but it is also exhilarating all of the time.

The Monday afternoon group discussed the role prayer plays in combatting our anxiety (a BIG role!)  God listens to our “Help me help me help me” prayers, and always listens.  But when we take time in prayer to “count our many blessings and “Name them one by one”, we often experience a deeper measure of peace.  Reminding ourselves of God’s blessings gives us comfort as we face contemporary trials.

For most of us, anxiety, resulting from fear is the biggest deterrent to peace in our lives.  Fear of the unknown leads to anxiety, which robs us of the peace that Christ wants us to have.  Using a “health model” can help to resolve much of our stress and lead to a greater level of internal peace.  At the core, or foundation of the model is our spiritual health.  This must be in place first in order that we may effectively address the other areas in the model, like physical health, mental health, and relationship health.  Lack of internal peace in our lives, usually means that we are struggling with at least one of these areas.  We must first look to Jesus for divine help, and then, with the strength of the Holy Spirit firmly embedded, work to resolve other problem areas in the health model.

We can look to others around us who seem to be at peace in the middle of life’s storms.  We can use them as role models, advisors and prayer partners as we work to find peace regardless of our current situation.

We talked about fear robbing us of God’s peace. Whether real or imagined we all allow fear to steal our peace through Jesus Christ. Throughout the Bible, we are told, Fear Not. Yet, we still allow fear to creep in and rob us of that deep inner peace we can only know as believers.
The group also talked about the power of the word, Peace, and how many different meanings and connotations it has. But, we are encouraged to invoke the Word in the name of our Savior. The being that attacks us when we are most vulnerable is the Prince of the Air, the ruler of the Earth, Satan. But, when invoking the power in the Words spoken by God as recounted in the Old Testament, or the words of Jesus and the Disciples in the New Testament, we can drive out the influences and lies of the evil one. We have the permission and encouragement of Jesus to invoke Peace in his name. To cause Satan And his demons to flee from us by simply saying the name, Jesus.
When you have Jesus watching your back, inner Peace is instilled deep within. And that in itself is a powerful tool to have in your toolbox when dealing with the trials of life on Earth.
Listen to Hillsong’s “Prince of Peace”