Believe Buzz — Week 3 — Salvation

Here’s the Believe buzz from the small groups week three:

Randy Frazee tells of bringing his seriously ill mother to see a Cleveland Clinic physician.  Not having grown up in a religious home, Randy as a teenager knew his mother had prayed with a pastor to accept Jesus as her saviour.  But not having become very involved in a church since that time, Randy’s mother in that anxious moment asked “Son, was that enough?”  Although assuring his mother, Randy delved into the Bible for a more thorough response.  One thief on the cross was penitent, and received Christ’s assurance from the cross.  It is possible to make a “last minute” confession of faith and receive eternal life.

But is it “enough” just to confess faith in Christ at a rally, check that off the list, and then get back to our normal daily schedule of entertainment, recreation and labor?  Is it “enough” to thank an earthly father and mother once for all they did, raising us– yet never seeking to follow our parental instruction?  Should not our gratitude be expressed day in and out by doing what we can around the house to help out?  And by seeking to live a life that reflects positively on our parents to the community around us?  As Frazee points out, “Salvation is not something we can earn or deserve.”  We seek to please God because of what He has done for us, not to earn a relationship with Him.  And God desires that we offer the grace we have received from Him to others.

Responding to Christ’s amazing love and forgiveness makes us desire more than a “general admission” admittance to heaven.  We want to draw close enough to  Christ  so that we can fall down before Him, and see His face!

Our group discussed the meaning of words like, grace, believe and predestination. We talked of how grace has many meanings, (11 according to Webster’s dictionary) and that when we say we believe in Jesus Christ it means more than a knowledge that he existed, but a desire to follow His teachings. We talked of predestination and the different ideas of its meaning in regards to salvation. Together, we took a step in our faith journey.

Lots of discussion, Lots of questions, Lots of prayer requests, lots of love, a great turnout  [over 20 ]

Salvation is there for there for us for the taking.  It’s a free gift that we have to wan it.  The way we profess salvation is by our actions.  We can’t buy our way to eternity.  We don’t want to wait to profess our belief in Christ until later in life because we want to have this amazing relationship with Christ and share it with others.  We receive salvation by grace through faith — grace is the gift that comes from God.  Part of the Boy Scout vespers were shared when we talked about doing “enough” which we can’t every really do.  “Have I done and have I dared, Everything to be prepared.”

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Enjoy “Salvation is Here” by Hillsong United: