Believe Buzz — Week 4 — The Bible

Here’s the Believe buzz from the small groups week 4:

Great discussion (as usual) this week!  We reflected on the idea that while we don’t have the physical signs and voice of God that Moses had through the burning bush, we do have the very Word of God in the form of the Bible.  Like Moses, we treat the Bible with reverence.  Many times, we are convicted by the words we read.  We find we must humble ourselves in order that we discover God’s will for our lives.

While Christian believers accept the Bible as God’s inspired and essential Word, we live in an increasingly skeptical culture.  Humanists and skeptics may reject the Bible’s teaching (so, like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they can make their own rules, instead of following God’s!)  Former skeptic Lee Strobel, with a Master’s from Yale who had been a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, has written several helpful books, including “The Case For Christ”. Such studies can help believers respond to a world where more and more people are closing their minds to Scripture.

Tonight we discussed our idea of the Bible as the literal, inspired and/or living Word of God. We discussed how that view impacts our interpretation of the Scriptures and influences society. We talked of how that has changed over the generations, but that the core message has remained the same. For God so loved the world that He sent His son to save it.

We had a great discussion.  We talked about out how in the Old Testament God spoke directly to the people and through the prophets.  In the New Testament He spoke through the apostles.   Once Jesus came and He poured out the Holy Spirit on believers, we become God’s vessels to share His word.  We talked about the Bible being “God breathed.”  Just as God breathed life into Adam, He also breathed the Word.  Because He breathed the life into the Word, the Bible is alive.

Enjoy the song and video “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me which speaks to being in the presence of God and how would we react?  Would we be like Moses and say “Here I am?”