Church Missions

First Presbyterian Church believes that mission is crucial to the life of the church. As believers, we are called to actively spread God’s words and love to make a positive difference in the world, whether it be our loved ones, or strangers from another country.  First Presbyterian actively supports local, state, national and international missions. Some of the local missions we support are:  Habitat for Humanity, The Good Samaritan Network, the Hamilton County Humane Society,  Janus,  Noblesville Boys & Girls Club and Samaritan’s Purse (Operation Christmas Child).

To read about the national and international missions we support, click on the links below.

Click here to read about CRU+ and missionaries Zach and Kylie Hange.

Click here to read about the Last Bell Ukraine mission.

Click here to read about One Mission Society and missionaries Jonathan and Corrine Long.






and three missionary families who are serving  New York City, and Hungary.