Does God Answer Prayer? by Bob Moore

86476670f108Does God Answer Prayer?

We recently read the chapter of the Believe series that deals with prayer. Pastor Eric did his sermon on prayer and the small groups discussed it in their meetings. I am a firm believer that God does answer prayers and have several stories that affirm this in my life. Let me share this one with you.

About 3 years ago, when preparing for the move from Columbus, Ohio to Indiana, we began by praying for God’s guidance. We then found a realtor here in Indianapolis who specialized in out of state moves. We spent the work weeks looking at houses online and then drove out on Saturdays to look at them. The first trip, we didn’t find any that we liked. On our second trip, we looked at several homes in Hamilton county but didn’t like them. Our realtor brought us to Noblesville and showed us a house that we did like and Trish even commented that “this is my house”, but we went on to Pendleton and looked there. Our realtor showed us a house that was bigger, cheaper, on a lake and in a complex with all of the amenities we could ever want. With much prodding from our children, we put in an offer on that house and headed for home feeling like our mission was accomplished. Shortly after getting on I-70, I noticed Trish’s mood changing. I asked her what was wrong, but she brushed it off as nothing, but when the tears formed, I knew better. I pulled off at a McDonald’s, set the kids across the restaurant and Trish and I began to talk. She said that she had this feeling that we had made an offer on the wrong house. This sent shivers down my spine and as much as I hate to admit it, began to anger me. I explained that as I understand the process, if they accept our offer, we are locked into a contract that, at the very least, would cost us money to get out of. All we could do was to pray that our offer would be rejected. The rest of the ride home was very quiet. The mood was still quite sullen when we arrived home and saw the light on our answering machine blinking, however, it changed as we listened. It was our realtor calling to say that she felt our uncertainty and was calling to explain that we could withdraw our offer and make one on the other house if we wanted. Even though the late hour, we called her and asked that she do just that and we made an offer on the house in Noblesville that same night. God had answered our prayer, but wasn’t finished yet.

The next morning, we got up and went to church. We were very anxious to hear from our realtor and to make things worse, we had activities at the church that kept us there until mid-afternoon. But God took pity on us and my cell-phone rang about 1:30. It was our realtor calling to tell us that our offer was accepted. As joy filled our hearts, she went on to tell us that we would need to get her a check by the end of business Monday. Once again, God was at work. I explained that I was already scheduled to work in Indianapolis on Monday and would figure out a way to get her the check.

Monday morning, I drove out and began doing service calls. I was scheduled to work until 4:30pm and was trying to figure out how I would be able to get her the check by 5:00pm, when I arrived at my last call on 96th street. It was at a realtor’s office, in the same building that my realtor worked from. Another prayer answered, but again, God wasn’t done.

While I was working on the copier on 96th street, I received a call from our mortgage broker saying the he needed a check as soon as possible to lock in our interest rate. I began to laugh as he gave me the address of his office. It was in the same building that I was already in. God is Great and I believe has a wonderful sense of humor.

Does God answer prayer? My answer is yes, without question, yes. God led us to this house in Noblesville, to this church, to Trish’s job and to a neighborhood that has shown us love beyond measure. There are those who would see these as just a series of coincidences, However, I feel that when we ask for God’s help and then play it off, we are taking credit away from God. Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land because he took credit from God as told in Number 20. If we ask God for help and then don’t give Him credit once it’s received, are we not also denying God Himself?

May God be with you.