FPC Lunch Program – Our Youth Share Their Experiences

 Johnathan- it was fun for me because of the children and giving them high fives. I learned it is better to serve others.  It was also a  great learning experience I also connected to youth.  I loved spending time with my friends and serving people. I loved to play the games and activities with the younger kids and also dancing with the kids and my friends.


Isaac- What I enjoyed most about the summer lunch program was meeting new people and serving them a hot meal. I met a lot of younger people and older people also. What ive learned from this experience is that it is better to put others first and use your time to serve others because it pleases God and also yourself.

Alexa- I love coming to Summer Lunch because I enjoy meeting new people and interacting with the little kids. It makes me happy knowing that I get to serve people. It’s a super fun experience because there are so many games and activities that everyone can participate in. I’ve learned that it’s better to give than get because there are so many people who don’t have a lot and when you help them you become a better person!.

William- I enjoyed serving people. The way they looked when they got food made me feel great and happy. Getting got serve those people made me feel like I was doing something for a good cause.

Chauncey- I enjoyed serving people and meeting the people that I serve. I feel like it’s a good experience to serve people in my community. Its fun to play games with the kids and just talking to people you don’t know. I also enjoy the company of the people Im serving with.

Chloe-I love coming to the lunch program. I enjoy helping the people there.  I like playing with the kids and seeing my friends. I don’t mind spending a few hours there because It’s fun and enjoyable. It makes me feel good knowing that I’m helping so many people.

Erin- Seeing all the smiling faces and full stomachs gave me a good feeling. My favorite part was interacting and having fun with the kids whether it be making a huge mess with slime, playing games in the parking lot, or getting fun air brush tattoos. My overall experience with the summer lunch program was very positive and helped me meet new, amazing people.

Lindsay- I loved coming to the lunch program because I got to meet many new people and making new friends. Some weeks I was put in charge of the crafts, and seeing the kids smiling faces while making a mess made me smile with them.

Emily-  I loved going to the summer lunch program because I got to meet new people and see some people again from my old school. I enjoyed sitting and talking with the kids and my friend Melina. It made me feel good seeing all the younger kids happy and smiling.

Aiden- I signed people in and helped clean up. I liked helping people.

Brooke- I loved helping out at the summer lunch program. I got to connect with some of the kids that live near me when I may not have been able to otherwise. It was a really fun experience and it was great knowing that I was giving back to my community.