FPC’s Prayer Blanket Ministry by Ed Adams

FPC’s Prayer Blanket Ministry

Ed, Judy, Marlynn and Jim with the prayer blanket for First Presbyterian Church

The FPC Prayer Blanket Ministry began when Judy and I  attended a “Prayer Blanket Sunday” at Judy’s sister’s church in the summer of 2004.   We were so impressed with their blanket ministry that we approached the FPC deacons and our congregation and the prayer blanket ministry was born!

In November of 2004 the first blanket was passed around our sanctuary for the congregation to pray over.   Marlynn Story embroidered Prayer Blanket #738 this week!   Of course It is NOT the blanket but the PRAYERS said over the blanket that makes the ministry so important.  We always want at least 100 people to pray over the blanket.  Each blanket has a heart with the recipient’s name, the prayer request and a scripture verse.

The first two or three years , we prayed over  25 or 30 blankets each year.   The last two years,  our ministry has grown to 60 to 70 blankets each year.   Blankets have been sent to people all over the United States.

lettersWe have received hundreds of cards and letters from recipients or relatives thanking us for this ministry and often they are accompanied with donations to help support the cost of the blanket.  Many times the person will take their blanket with them into their surgery or medical procedure.  Following are excerpts from a few of the letters we’ve received:

“The blanket you gave my son, Michael, age 15, is his most used blanket.  It is so special and travels to all his hospital visits.  Thank you for your prayers, concern and so much love.  Cancer is tough but so much easier when others wrap their arms around you.  You don’t know us, be we are all one, aren’t we?”

“I would like to express my thanks for the love and kindness you have shown me for my father.  I could feel all the prayers and love that have touched his blanket.  I know it will touch his heart that people he has never met care and are praying that these last days or weeks will be comfortable for him.”

“Dear Prayer Warriors, My prayer blanket is now one of my most treasured items – I can feel all the prayers when I wrap it around me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“Words cannot adequately express the emotions I felt when I receive your prayer blanket.  Even though New Hampshire is considered living in God’s country, I see that he has definitely worked his way to Noblesville, IN.”

“The blanket is such a comfort to me.  The softness of it, the heart and my own name on it mean more to me than words can describe.  All of my children and my dear friends all over the United States were praying for my recovery and it has worked out wonderfully.”

“Upon receiving the blanket and covering myself with it, I felt a peacefulness and contentment that I had not had before. I could feel the energy of the prayers, concerns and caring.  The blanket means so much to me physically and emotionally.”

“Imagine my surprise as I opened the package from Noblesville.  What a lovely, warm item with lovely warm thoughts enclosed!  I’ve heard of prayer blankets.  How lucky I am to be a recipient.  What a neat thing for cool nap days… a covering of prayers.”

Thank you Ed, Judy, Marylynn and Jim!  We  as a congregation have been blessed by this wonderful ministry!

If you are interested in giving a prayer blanket, please fill the the Prayer Blanket Request form found at the FPC Welcome Center or see Ed, Judy, Marlynn or Jim.  If you know of a church that would be interested in starting a prayer blanket ministry, they  would be happy to help them get started.