Our Beautiful Pipe Organ

The First Presbyterian Church of Noblesville is home to the oldest pipe organ in Hamilton County.  The organ was initially installed in the year 1900, and subsequently dedicated on November 17, 1901 in a much publicized community ceremony.

The original organ was known to be a Kimball 2 manual 6 rank pipe organ.  It was purchased in 1900 through the Indianapolis firm of Carlin and Lenox at a cost of $3500.  The Kimball Company performed annual maintenance for a cost of $35.

Operation of the organ occurred by feeding air into a 15-foot-long bellows through a blower motor.  In the early days, the motor was powered by water, as churches were free from water taxes and did not have to pay a water bill.  Working the keyboard actuate and electro-magnetic valve allow air from the bellows to pass through the corresponding pipe(s).

In April of 1965, the E.H. Holloway Corporation rebuilt the organ and installed electronic actions at a cost of $7640.  The last overhaul of the organ occurred in 2003 with the complete remodeling of the sanctuary.   The organ and pipes themselves were dismantled and shipped to the Miller Pipe Organ Company in Louisville, Kentucky.  Both pipes and organ were refinished to match the new sanctuary motif, and the organ itself underwent a complete rebuild.

We hope you will consider a visit to FPC to experience the very unique sound of our pipe organ.  The antique instrument is just one of many elements that make our music ministry so special!