Prized Member Helen Lecount – August 28, 2016

Photo Aug 20, 9 11 04 AM“Be happy and love what you do.”

Helen Lecount is the oldest active member of FPC at 92 years young. She prays before every meal — even if it’s a snack. Helen is best known at FPC for her hugs, her success in running bake sales and the love she has for Jesus Christ.

She’s been a member since 1952 (the second longest member). Her four sons were baptized here. Her husband Corlyss (Cory) came home from the army on November 12, 1945, and they were married three days later in her parents’ apartment in Ft. Wayne on November 15, 1945.

After they married, they went back to college at North Manchester (Manchester College), where Cory finished his degree in Health and History.  When he graduated in 1946, they moved to Beaver Dam, Indiana, where he taught health and US history, and coached boys and girls basketball. Their son Jim was born in 1946 at the beginning of Cory’s teaching career.

After two years, they moved to Millersburg, Ind., where he taught and coached the boys varsity basketball team. In 1952, they moved to Noblesville and Cory became the Noblesville Millers freshman basketball coach and also taught health and US history.

Eventually he became the head basketball coach.  Helen says people didn’t like to sit by her at ball games because she got so excited that she would hit them. Cory moved to assistant principal, and then principal, and then moved to the central administration office. He retired from Noblesville Schools in 1980.

When Helen was 40, she became the bookkeeper at JC Penney’s in downtown Noblesville and at 45, she became a special education teacher at the Opportunity School in South Harbor. She taught for 10 years before retiring and volunteered at Riverview Hospital for 35 years.

People come from miles around to visit her at the Farmer’s Market bake sales, the Amish fair and at church. Helen says, “We can’t leave until everything is sold!” Everyone who comes through the line gets one of Helen’s famous hugs. Helen thanks God for hugs. She has given her life to God and she doesn’t know when it happened but she had an unexplainable peace inside.

“God has been so good to me!” she says. Helen has been blessed with four sons (Jim, Jerry, John and Jeff), a wonderful husband for 48 ½ years, 12 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

She says the most important thing in this life is to be happy and to love what you do. When asked what she attributes her long life to, she first says God. Then she says her mother lived to be 97 and all of her siblings lived to be well into their 90s so part of it is genetics.

She stays active and still drives, does her own housework, cooks, uses the computer and has her own Facebook page!

She says that she was very tired after working at the church prepping for the most recent bake sale and was getting ready for bed at 9 p.m.  Her grandson, who had just returned from Argentina, called and said, “Grandma, I just got back and I want to come see you!”  He came along with her granddaughter and stayed until 10:30 p.m. That says a lot about the impact Helen has on her family.  Helen demonstrates her love for Christ as she gives love to others.

Thanks for sharing your love with us Helen!