Spare Change Drive – Help Support the Youth Mission Trip!

Beginning Sunday March 11, the Journey Mission Trip team is going to begin a spare change drive. We all have it lying around, maybe in a jar, maybe under a couch cushion or under the floor mats of our car, but you can clear it out for a great cause! Members of the Journey Mission Team will be handing out empty plastic easter eggs for you to take home, fill up with change and return to one of our Easter baskets in Fellowship Hall. Supporting the mission trip couldn’t be easier! One egg might hold 20 quarters, or 200 pennies, or 200 nickels, or EVEN 20 ten dollar bills! Please remember that all of our funds will be graciously matched through the Endowment Fund. This Fundraiser will be ongoing through April 1, so you can pick-up empty eggs and return full ones multiple times. And of course, please remember to return the eggs! Thank you!