Take a look at our new church signs… and why is this important?

As part of increasing our communication at FPC, we’ve done some major “refreshing” in the last couple of months! We have a new logo, a facebook page, a blog, a big screen TV showing announcements in Fellowship Hall and a fully operating Welcome Center!  Wow — things are moving right along. So as I said back in August, we have some other things coming. Next up — refreshing the interior and exterior signage.

Ken Callahan says in the book Twelve Keys to an Effective Church that excellent site visibility is one of the keys to an effective church. “When their longing for the grace of God stirs them, many persons go to the church that they have “seen” on their traffic direction patterns.” In other words — many people go to the church they see on their way to and from work and when they are out and about in their daily lives.

We have an amazing opportunity to attract people to FPC because of our location in the heart of downtown Noblesville and on one of it’s busiest streets! Here’s the rub — it’s hard to see our church because it’s tucked in among a couple of miles of houses. I know when I drive by, I don’t see the sign because it blends in with the rest of the building. What’s your landmark when you’re turning?

We also have a lot of people moving back into “Old Town” Noblesville, restoring these old homes and walking around the neighborhood. We want them to notice us! It’s kind of like curb appeal when you sell your house. People want to come look inside your house because the outside looks fresh. They assume the inside must look as nice. This is just another way for us to communicate to those outside that we have so many good things happening inside our church. And once they get inside, we want them to feel welcome and be able to find their way around the building.

The cost of updating the interior signage, refacing the two outdoor signs and paying the city’s application fees is approximately $4500. Here’s the great thing — we have an anonymous donor who is offering $2000 if we can match the remaining amount.

Is this something you might be interested in helping fund? When you hear about updating our image does this resonate with you? I believe that all we do has to be because we want to share our love of Jesus Christ with others. We just need to get them here!

If this is something you feel led to do, please add your donation to your regular tithe and designate your donation as “church signs.” If you have feedback or have questions, please let me know — either in person or via email at anne.kenley@fpc-noblesville.org. I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you FPC family for your support of our endeavors and for your love for Jesus and each other! YOU are what makes FPC a wonderful place to worship.

Sign located next to the steps. The small rectangle at the top of the sign is for the original plaque. The rectangular designs on the sides are molding to match the molding on the exterior doors.
The two sided sign in front. This is a little more difficult to imagine since it’s not “placed” over the old sign. The white space below the Sunday Service time is for special events. Both signs would be built over the existing signs out of no maintenance materials.