Prayer Requests

One of the most exciting and useful features of the church app is to share prayer requests/praises and to give others support through prayer. It has the most potential of any feature to bring us closer together and build our community. We’ve already had a lot of good sharing going on, and we want more!

This feature has a lot of pieces that help make the sharing process natural. As with all the features of the app, we want you to feel less like you’re using an app and more like you’re participating in our church family’s life.

There are many things you can do with prayer requests, so you can find step by step instructions below for different paths you may take.

Make a New Request

  1. In the menu, select My Prayers
  2. In the My Prayers screen, click the button to Make a New Prayer Request
  3. Fill out the subject for your prayer, which will serve as the quick reference once it is submitted. Example: “Safe Travels for Journey”
  4. Fill out the initial description of your prayer, which will be visible when someone clicks on your request.
  5. Hit Send to create the request

Pray for a Request

  1. In the menu, select Church Prayers
  2. Click on the prayer request you want to pray for
  3. Pray!
  4. Click the I Prayed For This button to update the prayer total and notify the owner of the request that it has been prayed for

Update a Request

  1. In the menu, select My Prayers
  2. Select the prayer request you want to update
  3. Enter a new status in the box below your request
  4. Click Update Status to update the status and send a notification to the church that the status has been updated

Resolve/Delete a Request

  1. In the Menu, select My Prayers
  2. Select the prayer request you want to update
  3. Click on Resolve/Delete Request on the bottom of the page
  4. If your request has reached a resolution, type in the reason it was resolved and click Resolve Prayer Request
  5. If your request just needs deleted for some reason, click Delete Prayer Request