The Power of Prayer by Bill Jourdan

The Power of Prayer by Bill Jourdan

Since I first was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year, you may say that
I was blown out of the saddle. It was a shocker, and Sue and I were beyond belief. This could not be happening to us! After the initial kick to the inner gut. I felt that I had very few options open to me. Since I am a Christian I know I always have Christ to go to when I have any concern, worry, or problem I’m facing. Sue and I decided  early on, to keep this new situation to ourselves. At first, we told only a few friends and family members. Then as time wore on, my health was failing fast.  With the pain and all the other issues that went along with this, we decided to have our prayer concerns put on the active prayer list.

Shortly afterwards, something amazing happened. All those prayers from countless people were sent up to Heaven’s gate and to Christ Jesus Himself. I felt His presence and began to feel a comfort and peace over all of this. I have never been so sick in my life. Even still, I knew that I was not alone. I too prayed constantly and I knew what I was going through was nothing compared to what our Lord and Savior Jesus went through on the cross. He suffered there on that cross not only for me, but for all mankind so that we who believe in HIM will not have to go through what He did.  We so deserve that suffering that HE did for us. There is an old hymn that we all  know.  It is titled “ TAKE IT TO THE LORD IN PRAYER”. Has anyone ever read the words to that hymn? I encourage you to read it to yourself sometime.

Besides the hundreds, if not thousands of prayers, I also received from so many people countless cards, telephone calls, text messages, and visits. Many of you offered to get us anything we may have a need for. You also showed us your genuine concern, love, and kindness to both Sue and me.

When I was going through the radiation treatments, I had to remain perfectly still and not move  on that cold hard table as the scanner moved back and forth over where the cancerous tumor was located. While this was going on, I recited over and over again the APOSTLES CREED to myself. What a comfort that was to me!

When I prayed sometimes I asked the LORD to take the pain away. I also asked HIM to give me some rest and comfort. I prayed for Sue, to give her the strength to care for me. I found out that even though I believe the LORD hears our prayers, HE also answers those prayers.  However, the LORD does not always answer them as quickly as I wished. He also does not answer them the way I wanted. But, I do know that HIS will is done, not my will. His time is not my time. He will give me the patience to wait.

I am so very blessed to have the friends that I have. I am grateful that my LORD loves and cares for Sue and me. I thank all of you who shared your love for us.