The Week That Changed The World! (Video Series on the Passion Week)

As many of you know, last summer, Karen and I toured the Holy Land of Israel during my time of Sabbatical and Clergy Renewal. In my ongoing curiosity about the land of the Bible and land of our Savior, I have come across the work of Dr. Wayne Stiles. He has done extensive travel to Israel and has written books and made several videos to educate folks on the significance and relevance of Israel to our lives today. Dr. Stiles has made available three videos to help you and me gain insight into Holy Week and the Passion of Christ. Each video is about 15-24 minutes in length.. I hope you enjoy them not only for their educational value, but the rich blessing they can be for your own faith in Christ.

Here is the link to Video #1 (16 min):

Video #2 (20 min):

Video #3 (24 min):