Why FPC? by Brian Wuerch

20130810_180126[3]Kelly and I joined FPC in 1991 after moving to the Cicero area.  Previously, we had been attending a church in the Indianapolis area where I grew up.  We enjoyed a more traditional service, and FPC offered that with the added bonus of a rich history and a warm and friendly environment.  Both of our children were baptized at FPC, and both were confirmed as members in their early teens.

No church is perfect.  Churches are made up of people….and people are not perfect.  Through thick and thin, Kelly and I continue our personal ministries at FPC for three reasons:  People, Pastor, and Place.

We have come to know and love the people at FPC.  Over the years, we have loved, laughed, and grieved together.  The members at FPC are not just fellow congregants… they are family.

Our pastor, Eric Gale, and his family, have been an integral reason why Kelly and I continue our membership at FPC.  I consider Eric to be a good friend…not just my pastor.  He is honest, very real, and sometimes even funny.   It is important to us to be a part of a church where the pastor is not a celebrity, but real, and always approachable.

Finally, we love the old building itself…the place. It has so much to give.   Countless, weddings, baptisms, wakes, celebrations, meals, meetings and bake sales have occurred.  Echoes of laughter, tears and shouts of joy continue to mix with our own expressions.  Yes…it’s just a building, just brick and mortar.  But, it’s so filled with life, love and grace.  Kelly and I feel at home here.  These are our people, and FPC is our home.

Brian & Kelly Wuerch