Why Give?

One of the best known and most memorized verses from the Bible is John 3:16. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” This verse tells us that God is a giver. In fact God gave you and me His very best when He sent Jesus Christ to die on the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins. When I connect John 3:16 with the fact that you and I are created in the image of God we realize that God wants us to be givers just as God is a giver. We are called to give to the work of God, not because God needs our money or anything else we might have to offer. We give first of all because God gives to us and secondly to support the work of ministry in our world through God’s primary means…the church. The leadership of FPC believes that we are called to be stewards or excellent managers of the gifts received and to use those resources wisely for the worship and mission life of the church.

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund of First Presbyterian Church has existed since 1985. It was known as the Memorial Fund at its inception. The purpose of the committee and the fund continues to be “to promote, receive, and use in a planned manner, the special gifts, donations, memorials and bequests made to the church.”  Three areas are targeted:

Missions – Local area support

Church Needs – Properties, Equipment, Programs and Miscellaneous needs

Education and Training – Christian Education, Staff Training and Workshops

Some examples of past support include: Music, Carpeting, Organ maintenance, Fellowship, Church Grounds and landscaping, Computers and Youth education.

Contributions to the fund are made in many ways – Memorials, Honorariums and Legacy giving.  Although most gifts are given posthumously, planned legacy giving represents a great opportunity to support the future needs of our congregation.  The largest gift of $250,000 was given by C. Owen and Betty Wood’s estate.

Our Endowment Plan was able to continue to do God’s work by supporting our staff and
congregation, our local church needs, and a deserving charity in central Indiana.
We distributed $14,194.88 in 2016 to fund local church needs, education, and local mission projects.
2016 was the 32nd year under the reorganization from the old Memorial Fund. The purpose of the committee and the fund continues to be “to promote, receive,
and use in a planned manner, the special gifts, donations, memorials and bequests made to the church.”
During 2016, donations were received in memory of the following individuals: Jim Overholt and Serina Hickle.
The Endowment Fund Committee plans to make distributions during the 2016 year in
accordance with the provisions of the Endowment Plan Resolution approved by the Session.  The amount of this distribution is planned to be $12,773.16 pending final approval by the  committee.

At the close of 2016, the Endowment Plan consisted of the following funds:

Mission & Ministries Fund  $ 253,540.38
Other Designated Funds  $ 41,132.84
Other Undesignated Funds  $ 11,442.00
Total Funds  $ 305,915.22

It would be impossible for the Endowment Plan to function and carry on the mission of this important area of the church without the dedicated efforts of the committee members.

Heartfelt thanks to the members of our committee this past year: Ray Faust (Chairman),
Joanna Owens, Stephen Craig, Tamela Grabb, Joanna Owens and Greg Borcherding, (Sessionliaison). Special thanks again to Bill Howell for volunteering his services as our financial advisor. We are also thankful for the assistance of the church Session and the very generousfinancial support from the members of this congregation.


A committee of 6 members of the church oversees the fund.    Ray Faust (Chairman), Helen Klucznik, Stephen Craig, Jan Borcherding, Tamela Grabb, Joanna Owens and Greg Borcherding (Session liaison). The committee meets once a month to review contributions, financial information and approve disbursements.   Bill Howell of Howell Financial Advisors manages the fund accounts at no cost.The committee would like to encourage our membership to consider a gift to the Endowment fund through either a one-time contribution, a recurring contribution or by endowing our church during Estate Planning.  Any questions may be addressed to a member of the Endowment fund committee.

Endowments are like sparks that ignite the fire of Christian love.  They fuel the light that illuminates God’s word and unlike coal, they are inexhaustible.